August News @ Cramz

We’re busy getting settled in on our new sim, Fatimas Far Horizon.  We’ve put out the August Goodie Box, come by and pick it up for a sampling of our textures.  We also have some new textures in the single texture vendors. Also, an assortment of sculpt texture maps, and a bundle of hair textures.

Come by and visit us soon! Feel free to explore the sim, we also have 7Seas Fishing for your relaxation.




Cramz Sightings Around the Grid.

When cruising the fashion blogs over the weekend, I spotted a Cramz tutorial build item in a picture (See IheartSL Blog…and thought..what a fun way to share some of our builds with everyone, and see how they are being used throughout SL.  In this particular blog report, a hunt at Island Depot is being featured, and the Cramz INT – Covered Wagon Garden Carriage build is shown as a backdrop to the photo.

Welcome to Cramz!

Welcome to the cramz blog!  I have a few ideas in mind for this blog, it’ll be simple tho, and might take me a year … we are!